Statement by IAC

InterAcademy Council comments on the adoption of many of committee's recommendations by IPCC on May 13 in Abu Dhabi

“On behalf of the InterAcademy Council and the IAC committee that authored the report reviewing the processes and procedures of the IPCC, we are pleased that so many of our report’s recommendations were adopted today by the IPCC in Abu Dhabi. We are grateful to the U.N. and IPCC for seeking an independent review by the IAC and for acting on our report. We hope our report will continue to inform management of the IPCC as it carries out its Fifth Assessment Report on climate change science.”

Robbert Dijkgraaf, co-chair, InterAcademy Council, and
President, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

Lu Yongxiang, co-chair, InterAcademy Council, and
Past President, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Harold T. Shapiro, chair, IAC Committee to Review the IPCC, and
President Emeritus and Professor of Economics and Public Affairs
Princeton University
United States

The IAC is an organization of the world’s science academies. It was established in 2000 to mobilize top scientists and engineers around the world to provide evidence-based advice to international bodies such as the United Nations and World Bank. The IAC Secretariat is hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam.

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